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Suggested Script for  
Opportunity #5:   Get more applications by offering extra value

Salesperson: “Well, after getting all your information and listening to what you want to accomplish,  I think this <product> will really help you.  What do you feel, Mr. Prospect, is this what you want to do?”

Prospect: “It sounds pretty good. I guess I should talk to some other companies though, to see what they have to say. Can I call you back?”

Salesperson: “I understand, but I know my marketplace, Mr. Prospect, and I know you won’t find competitors that can beat my offer.”

Prospect: “Probably not, you sound like you know what you are doing, but it just seems a wise thing to do.”

Salesperson: " I have a thought. Do you like to travel?”

Prospect: “Well, yeah, sure.”

Salesperson: “Do you like cruises?  I love them.”

Prospect: “We’ve done that a couple of times, it was really great. What are you trying to say?’

Salesperson: “You know, from what you have told me today, I am so sure that I can help you that I‘m going to give you a travel package from one of the biggest travel companies in the world.  Have you ever been to Tahiti?”

Prospect: “I wish!”

Salesperson: “If you’ll let me work on your needs, I’ll give you two tickets to Tahiti, or maybe Hawaii, or any of several other really cool resorts.  You pay for the room at one of our resorts, and I’ll get the tickets.  How does that sound?”

Prospect: “You’re kidding.  My wife would flip out!   She’s always wanted to do something like that.  But I don’t know, I really can’t afford it right now,
that’s why I want to shop around and get the best price.”

Salesperson: “Mr. Prospect, this is a trip of a lifetime, one you’d never forget.  You will have up to a year from the date you make your purchase to use the incentive.  And if you can't use it, you can give it to one of your friends or a family member. You might not get this chance again.”

Prospect: “Wouldn’t that be something. Tahiti! I have a few friends that would go for something like that.  Let’s do it!  This is really cool, what do we do next?”

Salesperson: “I’m going to put this application  together and get started."




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Solutions for
Opportunity #5:  
more applications by offering
extra value
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Answering Objections

Objection: I don’t like to travel.    

Answer:  I understand keep in mind that everyone of these incentives is transferable to family or friends. Just send it along and they can enjoy the benefits.

Objection:  This sounds too good to be true. 

Answer:  (Remember: In your dialog, always call them “valid travel certificates.)  Well, sir (ma’am) the company we work with is a division of the Thomas Cook Group, you may be familiar with their currency exchange counters in airports and cities around the world. Thomas Cook is a $23 billion publicly traded company with over 70 travel companies in their network. This is the same company used by the Fortune 1000 companies for their promotions. You’ll find them to provide exactly the benefit they promise, no more, no less. I know you’ll be pleased.

Objection:  I got one of those travel certificates before.  It had so many blackouts we just gave up.  We never did use it.

Answer:  We’re fortunate to use the biggest and most reliable travel provider in the world.  There are minimal blackouts around the holidays, but no weekend restrictions, and by the way, no money to register or timeshare requirements, and no one will try to sell you extra tours or higher priced accommodations.   They do exactly what they promise.

Review Recommended
Solutions for
Opportunity #5:
Get more applications by offering extra value
click here


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