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Opportunity #5:  Get more applications by offering extra value

Script Options: When you are working with people you don't know, whether you got your appointment with an air check, or you are working internet leads, the image of extra value will turn more conversations into applications. Because the costs are so minimal, consider this:

How many calls do you make to get one closed sale? It varies by salesperson and by marketing methods, of course, but you will increase your application rates by at least 50% by 1) offering them an incentive to stay on the line or set an appointment, and 2) another to give you the application and to supply all of the details, and 3) another to return your application (if you do business out of your area) a larger incentive to give you their application , and 4) perhaps another for referrals. 50% more applications is 50% more commissions, without additional marketing dollars!  Help your salespeople be successful, grow your business and keep more profits by working smarter.

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