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Opportunity #3:  Increase mail response rates

With our pre-designed marketing layouts,
creating your own marketing incentive promotions are
fast, easy and effective.
Just insert your contact information and go!

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Letter A:  This letter offers an incentive for responding to the mailer and submitting an application.

We can't help you if you don't call.  We are so certain we can help you, we would like to extend this special offer:  Give us 15 minutes to ask a few important questions and we will give you a special travel incentive provided by LVI, a division of the Thomas Cook Travel Group, the 23 Billion Dollar travel company trusted by many of the biggest companies in the world.  We are so certain that we can help you that we offer this to you even if we do not do business together.


Letter B:  This letter offers an incentive when a prospect completes a purchase.

Special Travel offer!    If we can earn your business and your trust, we'll help you relax with the ability to get away for a few days using this special travel incentive.  Provided by LVI, a division of the Thomas Cook Travel Group, a 23 Billion Dollar travel company trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world,
you’ll find the highest satisfaction rated benefits with the fewest restrictions in the industry!  While we work on your needs you can start planning where to travel.  And if you introduce us to a friend we can help, we’ll give you another benefit and one for your friends too!  It's just another way to give you the extra value we give our friends.  

We can’t help you if you don’t call.  Just call us or contact us at the email address below.  We’ll be happy to tell you more about your travel benefit and about how our services can help your family.


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