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Opportunity #4:  Get your applications returned, quickly and complete

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    Click to read Letter A:  Getting your applications returned. (By the way, a long time client of mine just sent out 79 applications in the last two months and did not get ANY of them back.  Don't know what he is doing but he'll go under soon if we can't help him, and he is excited to see what we come up with). This insert needs to be added to the application and shipped to a client when they have agreed to apply.  

Letter A:

Help Us Help You!  One of the biggest reasons for not providing the quality and service we have promised is that clients frequently get busy and do not return the application quickly and completely.  Return this application to us within 5 working days to receive this value added incentive. We are fortunate to have a relationship with LVI, a division of the Thomas Cook Travel Group, a $23 Billion dollar travel company.  Trusted by many of the biggest companies in the world, with the highest satisfaction rating and fewest restrictions these benefits will be fulfilled directly by their travel reservation department,     

Get this application back to us right away and you can relax while we work on your needs.  


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