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Opportunity #6:   Using incentives to get more referrals

With our pre-designed marketing layouts,
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Letter A:   The best time to ask for referrals may be while you are processing the application.  You might include something like this at the top of your correspondence with your clients.

Thanks for trusting us to provide you great service and doing business with me.  I know you will enjoy the travel benefit I am giving you.  Some of your friends may also benefit from our service, give me their number or have them call me.  Of course, if we can help them, they will also qualify to receive an exciting travel benefit.


Letter B: This is a follow up letter to past clients.

Dear Mr./Ms. Past Client

I have an exciting travel offer I want to pass on to you and to your friends.  When you let me help you with your next purchase, or if you have friends who may need my services, I will give you two airline tickets to Hawaii!  Or any one of several dream vacation destinations.  We have a relationship with LVI, a division of the Thomas Cook Group, a $23 Billion Dollar travel concern.  Their products are trusted by many of the biggest companies in the world!  You'll find the highest customer satisfaction with the fewest restrictions.  

This is a gift I am proud to offer to clients whose trust is important to me.  You buy the room at the participating hotel, I'll buy the tickets!  And if you refer another couple to me, I'll be happy to give tickets to you, and two more to them.  Either way, I want to reward you with real value, something most people value even more than a referral fee!    

Call me and I'll be happy to tell you more about it, and let's catch up on what's new.  I want to be there for you as life goes on.  Referrals are the lifeblood of my business.  Please don't forget to tell your friends about me.   


Letter C:  This letter is a holiday offer.

In the spirit of the holidays, I'd like to offer you and your family a real gift, not just another card.  The coupon below is real, provided by one of the biggest travel companies in the world.  Just read the directions and enjoy.  This is my way of thanking you once again for your business and your trust.  

Referrals are the lifeblood of my business.  I want to remind you that I will give you much more valuable travel benefits worth hundreds of dollars when you send someone to me that I can help.  Nothing is as important to me as your trust and nothing shows your trust more than referring your friends and family.  

I do hope all is well and that you enjoy your holidays.


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