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With our pre-designed marketing layouts,
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Letter A:   This letter is for setting an appointment.

Mr. and/or Ms. ___________

Because I know how valuable your time is, I would like to offer this special incentive to pay for the privilege of talking to you.  My company has a relationship with LVI, a division of the Thomas Cook Group, a $23 Billion dollar company trusted by many of the biggest companies in the world.  I will gladly compensate you for your time by offering you a special travel benefit your family will love.  Whether I can help you or not, you will get the benefit.

I am doing this because I am confident I can help you.  My time is valuable too, and I would not do this if I did not truly feel meeting you is worth your time and mine.  Please call me or email me to learn more about the benefit and to set a time that is convenient for you.



Letter B:   Use this letter at the time of the appointment to deliver the promised incentive.

Mr. and/or Ms. ________

Thank you for this time together.  

We do hope to work with you, now or in the future, to show you just how good the services we provide can be.

I promised you a travel benefit for your time, and here it is.  Do not discard it, this is your gift from me and is yours to use at your convenience.  We are fortunate to have a relationship with LVI, a division of the Thomas Cook Group, a $23 Billion dollar travel company.  Trusted by many of the biggest companies in the world, with the highest satisfaction rating and fewest restrictions, these benefits will be fulfilled directly by their travel reservation department.  Read the pages carefully and follow the instructions to redeem your travel benefit, the staff of the travel company will answer any additional questions you may have.  It is just our way to give you extra value; something that we believe is always important and appreciated.  

Again, thank you for your time.


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